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Zircon Sand Making Machine

Zircon Sand Making Machine

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About Zircon Sand

Zircon sand in a variety of igneous minerals as output, which is widely distributed in acidic and alkaline rocks rock. Alkaline rocks and alkaline pegmatites enriched in sometimes. Nepheline syenite in southern Norway and Russia Urals syenite pegmatite produced a large number of zircon. Due to the stability of natural zircon ( zirconium oxide ) physical and chemical properties, often enriched in placer. Important to the world’s gem-quality zircon, produced in Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar. Zircon sand extremely high temperatures, the melting point of 2750. And acid corrosion. 80% of the world’s zircon sand used directly in the foundry industry, ceramics, glass, industrial and manufacturing refractories. A small amount for ferroalloys, pharmaceutical, paint, leather, abrasives, chemical and nuclear industries. For a very small amount of zirconium metal smelting.

Zircon Sand Making Machine Works

Zircon Sand Making Machine is a mechanism of stone and sand production equipment, zircon sand production line in the necessary equipment. Zircon Sand Making Machine of the hopper structure, sub-feeder, eddy crushing chamber, the impeller, shaft assembly, chassis, drive means for the lubrication system. In fact, all of Sand ‘s structure and composition are these chunks, just depending on the purpose, some parts a little changed. Its working principle is basically the same: First: zircon sand material from the hopper into Zircon Sand Making Machine, by sub-feeder will zircon feedstock into two parts, the middle part of the sub-feeder into the high-speed rotation of the impeller. Being rapidly accelerated in the impeller, its acceleration up to several hundred times the acceleration of gravity. Then the speed of 60-70 m / s projectile from three uniform impeller flow channel out, the first part of the same zircon material impact from the sub-feeder four weeks from the closing falling broken, then went to the impact of the vortex chamber support materials the liner, is the material lining rebound oblique impact on the top of the whirl chamber, but also to change its direction of motion, deflected downward movement, emitted from the impeller channel zircon form a continuous material curtain. A whirl of zircon in the crushing cavity being repeated twice or even probability impact, friction and grinding crushing effect. Zircon sand is broken by the lower row of the discharge port. In the crushing process, zircon mutual impact crusher themselves are not in direct contact with the metal components, but shocks and lining materials, friction and grinding, which reduces pollution angle Zircon Sand Making Machine prolong life, increase customer’s income.

Zircon Sand Making Machine Advantage

Although Sand works are similar, but Zircon Sand Making Machine has its unique performance advantages, such as a wider range of applications and can even be used for glass, quartz sand and other high purity materials. Its operating noise below 75 decibels, the moisture content of the material by a small impact, moisture content of up to about 8%, and so on. Zircon sand production line equipment includes not only Zircon Sand Making Machine, as well as sand washing machines and other equipment. In a complete zircon sand production line, feeder, a crusher, sand making machine, sand washing machine of these devices is essential. Zircon sand production line supplier, but also according to the customer’s specific situation, design a more rational production line.

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