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Clay Crusher Machine

Clay Crusher Machine

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How Much Do You Know About Clay?

Most people think clay is mixed with water and plasticity after sticky soil that clay everywhere, nothing precious value. If you think so, you have a wrong understanding on clay.

Clay is a kind of important mineral raw materials.By a variety of hydrated silicates and a certain amount of alumina, alkali metal oxides and alkaline earth metal oxide, and quartz, feldspar, mica and sulfate, sulfide, carbonate and other impurities.Clay minerals content of fine particles, often in colloidal size range, the crystal or amorphous, mostly lamellar, minority for tube and rod.

Clay Mineral Composition Is Very Complicated

The category of the natural clay minerals is not easy to distinguish, sometimes in a clay can contain a variety of clay, and also have overlapping on performance, such as many hard clay mineral composition and chemical composition and kaolinite is very close;Many ball clay and soft fire clay by the same physical properties.Regardless of the types of clay, determine the properties of clay is the performance of it.

Clay is a kind of mineral collectively, there are all kinds of clay.Industrial use clay minerals including kaolin, bentonite, activated clay, etc.China’s jiangxi province first mining kaolin, Wyoming in 1888 at the earliest at the mining of bentonite, the United States for the first time in 1906, Texas mining activated clay.

Clay Minerals Around Us

Clay minerals are widely distributed around the world of rock and soil.The bentonite ore resources more than 1.3 Gt, mainly distributed in the United States and Canada.Kaolin ore reserves is about 1.6 Gt, mainly distributed in China, the United States, Russia, Mexico, Spain and other countries.China is the country kaolin resources is very rich, mineral fine and complete genetic types, main origin of suzhou, jiangsu, hubei, sichuan and other places.Activated clay is mainly produced in the United States and Canada.

Clay Crushing Is A Challenge

Clay minerals have such a wide range of USES, hardness is not high also, but clay processing, especially in the deep processing, finely processing is more complex.Due to clay crystalline and non-crystalline, interlayer water cut, water cut 15 ~ 28% commonly, has a larger viscosity, bulk density in 0.8 ~ 1 t/m3, thus carries on the broken becomes more difficult.

Coarse broken:Clay coarse broken available 2 pgc1250x1250, 2 pgc1400x1400 double toothed roll crusher, feed less than 600 mm, the discharge is less than 35 ~ 70 mm, the tooth plate with long teeth, short each row, each row of teeth have scraper, can shave their adhesion of clay.Is mainly due to by shear, crushed to broken materials, roller speed not too fast.

Fine broken:Finely broken available 2 pgg610x610 double-ray roller crusher, roller speed up to 310300 r/min, discharging 1.6 ~ 3.2 mm.At this point, the material after sodium, besides also sticky, has very soft and wet there is no wear and tear problem.Available at this time of low speed and higher velocity will be broken by material from the roll gap in fast, don’t stick on the roller.

Choose SBM crushing equipment

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