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Functional Parameters Of Crusher Plant

Functional Parameters Of Crusher Plant

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Abstract:As a kind of commonly used mining equipment, Crusher production efficiency in the production of Plant when receive the restriction of various factors. In the process Of production, the Functional Parameters Of Crusher Plant is Of great significance to normal operation Of the equipment, generally includes three basic Functional Parameters: the rotor speed, productivity and motor power. So for the Functional Parameters Of Crusher Plant selection and calculation method for everyone to know? Here are together and see it.

Functional Parameters Of Crusher Plant to Calculate

Functional Parameters Of Crusher Plant – Rotor Speed

The speed of the rotor is mainly depends on linear velocity. In Crusher Plant production in the process of the plate hammer of the basic attributes of linear velocity and broken material, finished product granularity, Crusher, the structure of the Plant, and the wear of plate hammer has the close relation. Impact hammer Crusher Plant board in the production of materials relies on the rotor of the kinetic energy, so once determine the input power, so how are the rotor speed, reasonable optimization becomes the ascension Crusher Plant production efficiency is the key.

Functional Parameters Of Crusher Plant – Productivity

Crusher Plant productivity is also affecting the Crusher Plant’s overall efficiency, at the time of calculation is commonly based on the amount of material according to the rotor turn emits a week. The size of the productivity of Crusher Plant has direct influence to the production efficiency, to all the operators to do well the daily statistics and analysis, in a timely manner to the Crusher Plant productivity for effective adjustment, to adapt to the production requirements of different strength.

Functional Parameters Of Crusher Plant – Motor Power

In the Crusher Plant production process, the motor power directly affects the overall efficiency of high and low. When in the production of electrical power and broken material basic attribute, crushing ratio, rotor speed and productivity level has a great relationship. Because the Crusher Plant for the material of the broken process is relatively complex, so in the process of practical production must be Crusher Plant’s related records, completes the relevant statistics.

The Functional Parameters Of Crusher Plant for Crusher Plant is very big, the influence Of the basic Functional Parameters Of rotor speed, productivity and motor power calculation and how to make reasonable choice has given the detailed introduction on it. In the hope that all of the operators of these Functional Parameters value, pay attention to in production well Crusher Plant daily maintenance, completes the related data statistics, it can ensure the normal operation of the production line, reduce the Crusher Plant failure rate.

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