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Crushers That Turn Rocks To Dust

Crushers That Turn Rocks To Dust

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Abstract: Rock crushers will also produce a lot of dust when working, this article will tell you how does the Crushers turn rocks to dust and how to avoid it.

Rocks Crushers components That Turn Rocks To Dust

The main parts of the Rocks Crushers that turn rocks to dust including charging port, discharge port and chute. When Rocks Crushers work, large rocks being squeezed, impact, crushing, slipped on the diameter of the chute below the belt conveyor, this process will produce a lot of dust in concentrations up to 500 mg / m³ -2000 mg / m³. After the dust generated at the source of dust in the environment, driven by the airflow to spread around the dust source, the formation of dust pollution, we will mainly analyze Rocks Crushers how to produce dust.

The Reason Of Crushers That Turn Rocks To Dust

Since Rocks Crushers not closed completely closed, work, rocks being squeezed, hit rock powder in the air gap is squeezed out high-speed movement, driven by the escape of dust together, and instantly raised a lot of dust. Dust-laden air is discharged ( at least in part) or discharge ( most ) upwardly through the opening downwardly through the feed chute, around the feed port that produce high levels of dust. In addition, SBMRocks Crushers expert analysis, transportation process Rocks Crushers also produce a lot of dust. After the rock was broken on the Rocks Crushers routed through the chute by the lower feeding equipment, due to the discharge port and discharge port between there is a gap, rock powder flow and ambient air to produce shearing. Air drawn into the stream, the rock powder flow gradually spread, so that mutual entrainment of dust constantly flying out; while the conveyor belt speed sports, rock powder flow and impact tape surface, so that the discharge port Yang since a lot of dust, to flying around. Since Rocks Crushers high prices, many customers in this situation would not choose when discarded Rocks Crushers but to find ways on how to solve these problems.

How To Avoid Crushers Turn Rocks To Dust

Depending on the cause of dust generated, we have developed a number of measures to control spread of dust.

  • 1. Wet dust and exhaust dust;
  • 2. Confined Control: Dust cover sealed with a sealing point, try to make small range of dust diffusion;
  • 3. Eliminate potential height difference: Hopper handling equipment, protective cover, chutes and other highly potential gap arising due to poor powder is the main reason for flying dust spills. Should try to reduce the gap and reduce the inclination of the chute chute, causing some of the best vacuum sealed chamber, which is conducive to dust collection.

Fully understand the causes and spread of dust control methods Rocks Crushers after customers can live according to their own operating conditions and take appropriate control methods to reduce dust pollution, as Rocks Crushers operation workers and surrounding residents to create a relatively good crushing environment.

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